Please Use These Submission Forms

WE HAVE NEW INITIAL SUBMISSION FORMS!  The most recent forms can be found in Self Service under the Academics Tab (sub-folder - Human Research).  Please download and use the word version of forms and templates housed in the Self Service Site.  (We do not have the capability to review Google Docs; therefore please do not covert the forms to Google Docs.

  • To be environmentally friendly and reduce paper consumption, we accept electronic submissions only. Send all materials as attachments to 
  • Separate all individual parts (informed consent, appendices, flyers, recruitment materials, etc.) into individual, clearly labeled files (with PI last name,nature of form, date) Use PDF or Word — NO JPGs.  Example:  Smith.Informed Consent.Aug.2016

Please note:  All students must be working with and under the supervision of faculty or approved staff members.  Only faculty or approved staff members may be listed as principal investigator.  


Initial Submission Forms
All initial applications, exempt, expedited, and full board should be submitted should be submitted to the IRB forms specific the the level of review (Exempt and Expedited/Full Board are separate forms with subforms to be used when applicable). Case studies, decedent research, and coded biospecimens/data also have a separate application for review.  The instructions within each form will guide you as to which subforms should be used.  

Continuation of Study Approval 
The approval for all expedited and full board studies have an expiration date.  To continue beyond the expiration date, submit this form at least 30 days prior to expiration. 

Modification to the Study
All modifications to the study should be submitted to the IRB for approval prior to implementation.  

Study Closure
Once you have completed both data collection and data analysis, please let the IRB know by closing your study. 


Surveys, Focus Groups, Interviews
This should be used for anonymous: surveys, focus groups, and interviews

Main Consent Form - Social Behavioral

Main Consent Form - BioMedical 

Written Assent

Assent Script 


If you need any help reading and/or with the completion of these forms, please contact us for assistance at or give us a call at 276-944-6921.