Housing & Residence Life


Living on the E&H campus is a unique experience and an integral part of the college experience.

The historic campus maintains the scenic beauty of Central Appalachia but gives convenient access to the region’s activities and culture. On-campus residents find there are always friends and activities with which to engage. The E&H campus features 20 residence halls with co-ed and single-gender accommodations. Residence halls feature resident advisors to assist students as they acclimating to their new surroundings.

Campus Housing

  • First-Year Housing: Elm & Hickory Halls

    First-Year Housing: Elm & Hickory Halls

    Elm & Hickory Halls provide modern, comfortable rooms in an attractive setting. You and a roommate will enjoy a spacious environment that is conducive to both studying and meeting friends. Elm and Hickory Halls are located on a residential quad that gives students easy access to on-campus food establishments as well as recreational and athletic facilities. Each room in both halls serves as a double room with a private bathroom and there are two laundry rooms located in each hall.

    Elm Hall


    Hickory Hall Residents


    Elm & Hickory Hall Rooms

  • First-Year & Upperclassmen Housing: Wiley-Jackson Hall

    Wiley-Jackson Hall

    The largest residence hall on campus that houses both first-year students and upperclassmen, Wiley-Jackson Hall is popular for its access to parking and to the center of campus, placing it in easy walking distance to McGlothlin-Street Hall, a main academic building, as well as Kelly Library and Memorial Chapel.

    Wiley-Jackson Hall


    Wiley-Jackson Hall Rooms

  • Hillman Hall

    Hillman Residence Hall

    Hillman Hall is a traditional-style residence hall that is popular among students who desire easy access to the King Health and Physical Education Center and to the Van Dyke Dining Hall. This residence hall boasts 80 single-occupancy rooms in a co-educational environment that is conducive to privacy and study as well as community activity. There are three lounges located in the building and a laundry room on the ground floor.

    Hillman Hall

  • Sullins Hall

    Sullins Residence Hall

    A co-ed residence hall, Sullins Hall is a quiet place, yet located near “the action.” Just across the street stands two important buildings for the visual and performing arts: Byars Hall, the main academic building for the arts, and the McGlothlin Center for the Arts, a state-of-the-art facility for performance and art exhibition.

    Sullins Residence Hall

  • Village Houses: Cambridge, Carter, Prillaman, Russell Houses

    Village Houses: Cambridge, Carter, Prillaman, and Russell Houses

    The Village houses are intentionally designed spaces that promote small community life. Each house provides eight spacious double rooms and four single rooms. The rooms are set up in a suite configuration, allowing two rooms to share a common area in the house including a kitchen, living room and study area. Laundry machines are located within each house.

    Each Village house serves as a Living & Learning Community and creates community living experiences for students within specific programs or areas of focus. Cambridge House includes several incoming and returning transfer students. Carter House serves as the College’s Spiritual Life house. Prillaman House includes residents who are members of the College’s Adventure Team and residents passionate about eco-house living. Russell House includes residents from the College’s Honors Program and International Students.

    Russell House


    Cambridge House


    Prillaman House


    Carter House


    Rooms in the Village Houses

  • Village Townhouse Apartments

    The Village

    Located just across the street from the main campus, the Village Townhouse Apartments are students an opportunity for more independence and small community life.

    Each apartment includes a shared living room and a full kitchen. There are three bedrooms with two students in each and a private bathroom located beside each bedroom. A large laundry room is located on the ground floor of the McPherson Center, which is located in the Village beside the apartment buildings.

    Village Apartments

  • Weaver Hall
    Weaver Hall


    Tall trees, sweeping lawns and classic architecture define this historic, yet comfortable residence hall located next to the main campus in the Emory Village. Weaver Hall is the main residence hall for the College’s Honors Program. Residents enjoy spacious rooms, up-to-date bathroom facilities, and plentiful adjacent parking. A laundry room is located on the ground floor.

    Weaver Residence Hall


    Weaver Hall Rooms

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