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Living on the E&H campus is a unique experience and an integral part of the college experience.

The historic campus maintains the scenic beauty of Central Appalachia but gives convenient access to the region’s activities and culture. On-campus residents find there are always friends and activities with which to engage. The E&H campus features 20 residence halls with co-ed and single-gender accommodations. Residence halls feature resident advisors to assist students as they acclimating to their new surroundings.

Campus Housing

  • First-Year Housing
    Elm Hall

    Elm Hall provides modern, comfortable rooms in an attractive setting. You and a roommate will enjoy a spacious environment that is conducive to both studying and meeting friends. Elm Hall is located on a residential quad that gives students easy access to on-campus food establishments as well as recreational and athletic facilities.

    Elm Residence Hall Elm Residence Hall


    Wiley Jackson Hall

    The largest Emory & Henry residence hall, Wiley Jackson Hall is popular for its access to parking and to the center of campus, placing it in easy walking distance to McGlothlin-Street Hall, a main academic building, as well as Kelly Library and Memorial Chapel. Wiley Jackson is known for its charming common area, which is located on the second floor and surrounded on three sides by rows of tall windows.


    Wiley Jackson Residence Hall Wiley Jackson Residence Hall

  • Upper-Class Housing
    Hickory Residence Hall

    One of Emory & Henry’s newest residence halls, Hickory is popular among students because of both its modern amenities as well as its comfort. Located on one side of an attractive residential quad, Hickory Hall provides double occupancy rooms, private bathrooms and pleasant common areas, including a modern common kitchen.

    Hickory Residence Hall Hickory Residence Hall
    Hillman Residence Hall

    Hillman Hall is a traditional-style residence hall that is popular among students who desire easy access to the King Health and Physical Education Center and to the college cafeteria. This residence hall boasts 80 single-occupancy rooms in a co-educational environment that is conducive to privacy and study as well as community activity. Hillman is located near the business center of the Emory village, which includes the campus book store and a popular restaurant, Macados.

    Hillman Residence Hall Hillman Residence Hall


    Sullins Residence Hall

    A women’s residence, Sullins Hall is a quiet place, yet located near “the action.” Just across the street stands two important buildings for the visual and performing arts: Byars Hall, the main academic building for the arts, and the McGlothlin Center for the Arts, a state-of-the-art facility for performance and art exhibition.

    Sullins Residence Hall Sullins Residence Hall

  • Honor’s Housing
    Russell Hall

    Russell Hall, named for Elizabeth Henry Campbell Russell, is located in the village, where many professors, staff members and other students live, work and learn together. The hall provides 18 spacious double occupancy rooms and four single rooms. The rooms are set up in a suite configuration, allowing two rooms to share a common area in the house including a kitchen, living room and study area.

    Weaver Residence Hall

    Tall trees, sweeping lawns and classic architecture define this historic, yet comfortable residence hall located next to the main campus in the Emory village. Residents enjoy spacious rooms, up-to-date bathroom facilities and plentiful adjacent parking.

    Weaver Residence Hall Weaver Residence Hall

  • The Village
    The Village

    Located just across the street from the main campus, The Village is centered on apartment-style halls, and also includes a community center.

    A view of The Village Apartments A view of The Village Apartments

    The units have a shared living room and kitchen and three bedrooms with two students in each and two full bathrooms for a 3:1 ratio. There is a shared covered porch for each unit as well.

    The Village Community Center

    Inside The Village Community Center kitchen. Inside The Village Community Center kitchen.

    The Village Community Center houses living room/study spaces, a workout room, central laundry and mailboxes for the residents, a game room, an office/copy center, kitchen, dining room and three different size classrooms along with an apartment for the resident director.

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  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/760-who-do-i-contact-if-im-having-trouble-with-my">Who do I contact if I’m having trouble with my roommate?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Students are encouraged to first talk to their RA about any roommate issues that may arise. The RA staff is trained to help with conflict mediation and helping with lack of communication between roommates. If the RA is unable to resolve the issue, the RA will seek the assistance of their Area Coordinator for additional support. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/758-do-students-have-to-have-a-meal-plan-while-living">Do students have to have a meal plan while living on-campus?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Yes, all residential students are required to have a meal plan. Students are able to make meal plan changes until add/drop day which is typically a week after classes start. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/762-how-do-i-select-my-room-for-next-year">How do I select my room for next year?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Students will participate in a formal room selection process in the spring semester in March. Rising senior, juniors and sophomore will select their space based on the number of credit hours the student has completed. Please see the Room Selection page on the main Residence Life page for additional details.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/761-how-do-i-become-an-ra">How do I become an RA?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Students are eligible to apply to be an RA after living on-campus for at least one semester. Students must have a 2.75 or higher GPA. The RA Hiring process is a competitive process and a 2-step interview process. We will host a group interview and then have individual interviews with students to get to know them better. We choose staff based on fit and who is the best person for the community. RA applications are due January 31, interviews occur during February and selection is made in March for the following academic year. For more information, contact</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/759-who-do-i-contact-for-a-work-order-request-in-my">Who do I contact for a Work Order request in my room?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Students are encouraged to complete the Work Order form on the Residence Life page to get work orders submitted. Students may also contact their RA to submit a work order. Please make sure you do this! We are only able to address issues quickly when they get reported via the work order system. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/756-are-students-allowed-to-have-guests">Are students allowed to have guests?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Are students allowed to have guests? <a class="faq-widget-link link-with-arrow yellow" href="/live/blurbs/756-are-students-allowed-to-have-guests" title="Are students allowed to have guests?" aria-label="Are students allowed to have guests?">More info</a></div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/763-who-do-i-contact-if-i-get-locked-out-of-my-room">Who do I contact if I get locked out of my room?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Students need to contact their RA first if they are locked out. If they are unable to connect with their RA, you need to contact Campus Police for assistance at (276) 944-6222.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/765-can-i-bring-a-toaster">Can I bring a toaster?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">No, toasters are not permitted. Please visit the Housing Resources tab to see additional information regarding what is permitted and what is prohibited in the halls. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/664-are-first-years-allowed-to-have-cars-on-campus">Are first years allowed to have cars on-campus?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Yes, you are able to have a car on-campus. All students must register their vehicle through the Campus Safety office. </div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/764-can-i-bring-my-own-bedfurniture">Can I bring my own bed/furniture?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">No, students must use the furniture that is provided in the room. Each assigned space is fully furnished and residents may not bring additional/extra or personal furniture into their room/suite/apartment without written authorization from the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Housing & Residence Life or designee. Prohibiting personal furniture such as couches, futons, chairs, bean bags, etc. decrease the likelihood of infestations, bacteria, and other issues from upholstered furniture. It also reduces the likelihood of ingress and egress issues. Common area furniture may not be moved or relocated into rooms or apartments for any reason. Furniture that is allocated for a vacant space must remain clean and accessible to an incoming roommate at all times.</div></aside>
  • <aside class="faq-widget"><div class="faq-widget-question"><a href="/live/blurbs/757-are-students-allowed-to-have-a-pet-on-campus">Are students allowed to have a pet on-campus?</a></div><div class="faq-widget-answer">Pets on-campus are prohibted and are in violation of the student code of conduct. Fish are permitted in a 10 gallon tank or smaller. Please review the Student Handbook for more details.<br/><br/>Students are able to register Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) through our Disability Support Services office by completing the extensive application process. For more information regarding the ESA application process, please contact Jennifer Condon (<a href=""></a>) in the Powell Resource Center (PRC) for more information.</div></aside>