Campus Mail

All residential students are assigned an on-campus mailbox for them to use throughout their time at Emory & Henry College.  

Student mailboxes are housed in the Martin-Brock Student Center and the Village Community Center.

There are two ways to receive mail on-campus and it’s important to note which address needs to be used for each method. Please make sure your name and your EHC Box # are on everything when you order something or give out your address.  

Share this address with friends and family to receive mail throughout the year!

United States Postal Service




Regular mail: (USPS)
Student Name
Emory & Henry College
PO Box 9001
EHC Box #_____
Emory, VA 24327

Shipping Co.




Packages (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc): 
Student Name
Emory & Henry College 
30522 Garnand Drive
EHC Box #______
Meadowview, VA 24361

When you receive a package, student workers will place a package slip in your mailbox notifying you that it has arrived. You must present your package slip in order to receive your package.