Work Orders

Need to place a work order?

General Work Orders

If an issue occurs with your room (i.e. a light goes out, an outlet stops working, a toilet has issues flushing, etc.), the first action a resident should take is to contact their respective RA.

Your RA may ask clarifying questions and should visibly see the issue so they can best assess the next steps to take. They should place a work order with our campus Facilities team, providing the best description of the issue so the team can best plan a solution.

Your RA will follow up with a work order number once the work order has been officially placed. Typically, work orders are completed within 5-7 business days; however, if the work order is an emergency, it should be dealt with sooner.

The resident should follow up with their RA if their work order has not been solved within the probable time frame. The RA can then communicate with the Facilities team and/or their supervisor to understand what step in the process the work order is in.

Emergency Work Orders

Emergency work orders--such as a flooding toilet, water reaching electrical outlets, smell of gas/carbon monoxide, or any issue that will cause immediate danger to oneself or the facility--should be placed immediately. Residents can do this by contacting the RA on Call for their respective areas.

The RA should contact the necessary supervisor, and an emergency Facilities Team Member will be able to assist. However, outside of business hours, the emergency Facilities Team will not come out unless it is a true emergency.