Living on Campus

With a majority of your time being out of the classroom, you should know what you can do and who you can talk to.

Campus Resources

All of our Campus Resources exist because we understand our students are as diverse as their needs. When living on campus, you are close to these readily available resources and the information and services they can provide.

The Paul Adrian Powell, III Student Success Center offers counseling, services for students who need accommodations, tutoring, academic success coaching, and mentoring opportunities for students who need hands-on support. It also includes resources on study strategies and improving writing.

The College Health Center is also a free service for students to get assistance with nimor illness or injury. Other services include allergy injections, BP checks, examinations, pregnancy tests, and more.

The Emory Cab is a transportation service for undergraduate students to travel to various locations for class, shopping, doctor’s appointments, restaurants, and more! Some trips are free while others may be charged to student accounts.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion also works to provide a community where students feel welcomed and supported through initiatives, projects, programs, and student organizations like the Multicultural Student Association and Men of Excellence.

Getting Involved

With a majority of the college experience being outside of the classroom, it’s important to explore your options and learn what you can do while living with us.

The Office of Student Activities is a great place to start as it offers Fraternities and Sororities, student organizations based on your interests, and our Campus Programming Board where you can help plan events for your peers. Each group can teach you a lot and we hope you find your place here.

Campus Recreation and our own Outdoor Program offer many opportunities to be active and have fund outside through intramurals, club sports, regular fitness classes like yoga, our bouldering crag, and the Adventure Team.

Our Spiritual Life also provides ways to get involved through local churches or our own faith-based organizations like the Campus Christian Fellowship and the Interfaith Student Union. While we are a Methodist institution, all faiths are welcome in our chapel and on our campus.

For those who need an income, our Career Center can assist in finding jobs on campus, help you write your resume, and even practice for interviews. The Career Center also provides opportunities to learn more throughout the year.

If you want to get more involved in the community, our Appalachian Center for Civic Life is a great place to start for those who enjoy giving back to the community. Through this department, students can get involved in creating resources for students, joining Habitat for Humanity, and other service-learning opportunities. Students can also major in Civic Innovation or Community and Organizational Leadership.