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Student Life

Approximately 86% of a student’s time is spent outside of the classroom.

Let’s make it count! 

Jordan Smith, Class of 2018 and Student Government President“For many E&H students, the determining factor between a good college experience and an experience that changes your worldview is found in the ways in which a student gets involved in the campus community outside of the classroom.” -Jordan Smith, Class of 2018 & President of the Student Government Association

The average Emory & Henry College student is one who not only excels in the classroom but is involved in co-curricular programs as well. Whether through membership and leadership in student organizations, participation in intramural events and outdoor adventures, exploring religious and spiritual opportunities, or being active in residence hall programming, the E&H student is engaged and learning in many exciting areas of campus life!


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Need a break from studying? How about a movie night?

EAB Cinema, sponsored by the Emory Activities Board, provides online streaming of movies free to all E&H students. Choose from eight new titles each month. 

Visit the EAB Cinema movie site 

EAB Cinema is a service funded by the student activities fee, a fee created by the Student Government Association to support expanding campus involvement opportunities.


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