Health & Wellness

It is never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you. 

When you become a part of Emory & Henry, you are joining a community that is devoted to the health of your body as well as the strength of your mind and spirit. Emory & Henry maintains an outpatient health center that provides medical treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. Programs are offered that focus on total wellness. 

In addition, Emory & Henry’s Counseling Office is available to help all enrolled students manage the routine changes that will take place in their lives, as well as more difficult changes or challenges.

Wasps Wellness TipsBe Well, wasps!

Wellness As Standard Practice

Have you addressed these 3 dimensions of wellness this week?

Try these tips to help meet your wellness goals! 

  • Physical

    • Go Play! Bring out your inner kid
  • Spiritual

    • Smile
  • Mental

    • Scratch an item off your to-do list

*Brought to you by the Campus-Wide Wellness Committee

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