Greek Life

With the first chapter founded in 1920, Greek Life has a proud and rich history here at Emory & Henry. Many of the College’s most respected alumni were members of a fraternity or sorority. Our system is unique because all of our chapters are “local,” meaning that they only exist on our campus. As such, chapter traditions are based entirely on unique aspects of Emory & Henry, and Greek alumni feel a deep sense of loyalty toward their current brothers and sisters. Each year, Greek Life sponsors numerous social events, campus programs and service opportunities on campus. Currently, there are 15 Greek chapters, six sororities and nine fraternities. Each of the chapters is listed below along with brief facts about the organization. If you would like more information about Greek Life at Emory & Henry, please contact Sarah Matchett, Greek Council Advisor, at 276-944-6529 or {}B@%+Ta]RGQdo?wY]#[okz1eo6VRi&6Hx{\O.


  • Alpha Beta Chi – founded 1928
    Colors: Red and White
    Motto: Sisterhood, Loyalty & Friendship
    Current members: 19
    President: Kristin Funkhouser
    Advisor: Dr. Celeste Gaia
  • Kappa Phi Alpha - founded 1930
    Colors: Blue and White
    Motto: Beauty, Love & Courage
    Current members: 20
    President: Beth King
    Advisor: Dr. Kyle Macione 
  • Pi Sigma Kappa - founded 1978
    Colors: Purple, Gold and White
    Motto: Unity through Individuality 
    Current members: 16
    President: Rachel Bedsaul
    Advisor: Dr. Nicole Drewitz-Crockett
  • Sigma Upsilon Nu - founded 1985
    Colors: Black and White
    Motto: Pride, Humanity & Togetherness
    Current members: 3
    President: Abbi Smith
    Advisor: Dr. Scott Boltwood / Dr. Brynn Welch
  • Delta Rho Delta – founded 1934 refounded 1988
    Colors: Black, Gold and White
    Motto: Justice, Kindness & Honor
    Current members: 13
    President: Anna Carbaugh
    Advisor: Dr. Denise Stanley / Dan Wheeler
  • Delta Omicron Pi – founded 1961
    Colors: Turquoise and White
    Motto: Faith, Hope, and Love
    Current members: 27
    President: Mary Grace Hankins
    Advisor: Amanda Gardner