Learn on our Rock Climbing Wall
Learn the ropes, knots, rock climbing, and bouldering skills on E&H Outdoor Program’s 40 foot climbing wall / tower.

The E&H climbing tower rises 40 feet into the air. It is surrounded by a serene meadow, bordered by the Emory woods, and rigged for excitement and clinical instruction.

The 40-foot vertical climbing surface offers a variety of challenging climbs (ranging from 5.6 to 5.10 plus) and one 3-foot overhang. Two independent climbers may be belayed simultaneously, and one face of the tower is permanently set up for rappelling and ascending, a feature that has proved invaluable for the rescue scenarios.

The tower is an essential tool for ropes instruction, allowing for a thorough clinical instruction within a convenient, controlled environment.

Learn Kayaking in our Heated Pool
Kayaking Roll Clinics are conducted in the college’s heated pool prior to venturing out on local lakes and streams.

For first-timers or seasoned climbers, the tower provides an excellent opportunity for participants to gain comfort and competency with gear and climbing practices and techniques. Climb on!

The E&H Outdoor Program has exclusive access every Thursday night for kayak roll clinics in our heated pool. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics or expand your knowledge into the world of freestyle boating.

Students work one on one with ACA certified Kayaking instructors, and student leaders who have perfected the art of kayaking over their four years in the Outdoor Program. These clinics are your door into a much larger world of whitewater kayaking!

Tower Rules

  1. Everyone must complete and sign a Hold Harmless/Medical Form to participate.
  2. Participants 17 years of age and younger must have their Hold Harmless/Medical form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. All personal equipment will be subject to approval by the EHOP staff.
  4. No personal carabineers, ropes, or quickdraws may be used at the Tower for any purpose.
  5. All belayers must be approved to belay by the EHOP staff.
  6. All belayers must be at least 14 years of age, unless participating in an EHOP program.
  7. Only belay devices designed and intended for belaying may be used to belay.
  8. All participants will be subject to monitoring by the EHOP Staff in regards to safe climbing/bouldering and belaying practices.
  9. Violation of any safety rule can result in the loss of climbing or belaying privileges; violations may be noted and attached to a personal file to record issues.
  10. All climbers must wear closed toed, non-marking shoes to climb on the Tower; no barefoot climbing or sandals of any type.
  11. All participants 17 years of age and younger must wear a helmet and may not waive the right.
  12. Only UIAA climbing helmets are allowed. No bike, skateboard, or rollerblade helmets may be used.
  13. Anytime a climber under 18 years of age is inside the climbing zone, he/she must have a helmet on an attached properly.
  14. No one may tie into the back of his/her harness
  15. No one may boulder on the Tower if climbers are on rope.
Anyone who tampers with the tower or attempt to climb the tower beyond the hours of operation may loose tower and outdoor program privileges indefinitely.

E&H Outdoor Program Calendar

Discover Outside & Inside

Our Outdoor Program currently has more than 80 members — few of which have actually had comprehensive outdoor experience. Most students come to us with a simple interest in doing something they’ve never done before, and it’s both our responsibility and our pleasure to provide that opportunity.

The Program is active year-round. Our trips include hiking for blueberries in Grayson Highland, rock climbing at Backbone Rock, kayaking on the South Fork of the Holston, Backpacking to the summit of Mt. Rogers, and many more trips that are within an hour of campus. Our staff and student leaders run the trips and are fully trained and equipped to provide the best possible outdoor experiences.

Leadership Opportunities

If you have attended trips via the Outdoor Program and want to excel in a particular adventure sport — be it hiking, rock climbing, or whitewater paddling — then the Leadership Education and Development Program (LEAD) is for you. Outdoor Program leaders are expected to continually improve backcountry skills and gain Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and area-specific certifications with institutions such as the ACA. Leaders for the program are also expected to help lead and plan the fall and spring break expeditions. Trip leader and assistant trip leader positions are available as campus employment. Email Jim Harrison if interested.