Emory Cab

Emory Cab Need to be somewhere? Grab the cab!

Updates for 2021-2022:

We are pleased to share that Emory & Henry College will be providing the Emory Cab transportation service for students during the upcoming academic year!

The Emory Cab Service Details:

The Emory Cab is a service provided to Emory & Henry College undergraduate students. The service is provided by appointment only.

Requests must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the scheduled trip. Requests are granted on a first come, first serve basis. The Emory Cab service cannot guarantee all requests will be granted and depend on the time, date, location, and availability of trained student drivers available. 

Fill out Request for the Emory Cab


Types of requests that can be fulfilled without cost:

  • Trips by appointment to classes at the Equestrian Center

  • Trips by appointment to classes at the School of Health Sciences for students living on the Emory, VA campus


We are in the process of planning weekly trips to various stores, so stay tuned for more information!

Types of requests that can be fulfilled with cost:

  • Trips by appointment to the Tri-Cities airport for beginning/end-of-semester arrivals and departures

  • Trips by appointment to the Greyhound station in Marion

  • Individual doctor appointments

  • Individual observation or service hours

  • Individual trips to restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues
  • Individual trips to employment locations, including work-study employment locations


The Emory Cab service costs $.50 per mile for scheduled trips that involve a cost to students. The cost of transportation will be billed to a student’s account. 

Cancellation Fee

Canceling a scheduled trip less than 12 hours before the scheduled trip will result in 50% of the cost of the scheduled trip applied to a student’s account. Failure to arrive at a scheduled time for a trip will result in 100% of the cost for the scheduled trip applied to a student’s account.

Contact Information

For questions, to share feedback about your transportation experience, or for more information about the Emory Cab service, please contact emorycab@ehc.edu.

You may also contact the Regional Programming Specialist, Alexandria Crowson, for any further questions or concerns at avmcrowson@ehc.edu or (276) 944-6560.