Summer Scholars Institute & Leadership Program

Summer Scholars is online from June 14-18, 2021 for rising 6-12th grade students. Tuition: $60

Apply by June 7

The goal of the Summer Scholars Institute & Leadership Program is to provide each student with an opportunity to begin a new adventure in learning and growing within the Emory & Henry community of faculty and staff.

Instructors provide a comfortable and safe environment for learning while meeting the student’s unique social and emotional needs. Students are provided opportunities to build relationships with their peers from different backgrounds, and, most of all, the opportunity to have fun! Due to COVID-19, this year’s residential camp is online on Zoom. 

Contact Jordan Graham at for registration questions.

We will “meet” each day on Zoom for two sessions from 9-10 a.m. and 10-15-11:15 a.m. For each session, you may choose your class.

Session A: 9:00-10:00 a.m.
2021 Classes

Daily Design at 9 (Karen Carrier): Follow along with simple instructions to create dynamic designs using free tools on the internet. Learn how to effectively and efficiently market yourself (whether it’s for Tik-Tok or your E-Portfolio) for your future personal or professional needs.

Appalachia: History, Culture, and Ecology (Ashley Ahn): Through the use of folktales, music, art, food, and nature we will explore the Appalachian Mountains and learn more about the people who live here.

Dream Big: How do I land the job of my dreams? (Megan Hamilton): It’s that time to start imagining the life you want to live for yourself after high school. Participants in this class will not only get a chance to create an effective career plan but also learn skills that will allow them to land the job of their dreams. That means they get to explore possible career paths and practice their interviewing, networking, and work ethic skills in this session. Expect a very interactive, hands-on, and fun week to get you ready for the workforce.

Civic Engagement: Building a Better Future (Bradley Hartsell): The many difficulties of 2020 reminded us how much we’ve got to help one another. This class will develop community building, recognizing empathy, listening to others and their stated needs, and outlining shared goals, all with the purpose of maintaining sustainable partnerships. Participants will learn not only the value of educating themselves on needs in one’s community but putting words into action.

Find Your Balance! (Kyla King): Whether you’re an athlete, involved in drama, or can be found reading at the library use this class to find ways to balance academics and life! We will go over time management and study skills to help to make balance easier.

Leadership 101: Who Do You Want to Be (Sam Lopez): All of us are leaders. Participants in this class will learn more about their personality and leadership skills, and the ways they show up to spaces. Participants will focus on how to enhance their professional presence and ways to highlight their leadership skills. Participants will identify possible career opportunities and what skills they need to work on as they develop personally and professionally.

Session B: 10:15-11:15 a.m.
2021 Classes

Leader Live and Thrive (Karen Carrier): Learn how to RISE above the rest with daily leadership lessons. Each day, you will complete leadership exercises to develop your potential as a leader and hear from surprise guest speakers who will motivate you, inspire you and answer your College & Career Q&A.

Functional Communication for Everyone! (Ashley Ahn): Words matter! We’ll use principles of Non-Violent Communication to learn how to be better listeners and to better express our thoughts, emotions, and needs. We all need it!

Mind Your Body: How do you build resilience during times like these? (Megan Hamilton): Resilience is the ability to recover from hardships quickly. Students can expect to engage in the science of mindfulness-based tools as a means to build resiliency. Science can help us identify ways that allow us to get through dark times. We learn how to take care of ourselves and in return take care of one another.

The Art of Critical Thinking (Bradley Hartsell): Many deciders, including those in the workforce, are seeking critical thinking now as much as ever. As many of life’s functions have become more automated, schools, companies, and others are placing new value in those who can think laterally and approach complicated situations with nuanced perspectives. With lessons inspired by David Epstein’s Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World (though not required reading), this class will highlight the value in critical reflection and being open to expressing divergent thought.

Half-Empty or Half-Full? (Kyla King): This class will focus on mindset and language to build how you interact through your day and during adversity. This class will use lessons from psychology to learn how we think and how we speak impacts our work in the classroom.

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