• A-Town Low Down

    Join Sara Saavedra as she interviews guests who provide the “low down” on events and trends in beautiful and historic Abingdon, Virginia, a cultural centerpiece for Southwest Virginia. Visit archive.

  • Addiction and Recovery

    This show explores the continuum of addiction and recovery in Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee, and the surrounding area.  We look at the resources, issues, institutions, and people working on addressing this health crisis in the area.  It is hosted by Richard Graves ( Visit archives.

  • Against the Wind

    A show that challenges our perceptions of today’s important issues, using critical economic and media studies as our guides. This is a show where we will explore our world and the ideas that will inform our decisions. Hosted by Associate Professor of Mass Communications, Mark Finney and Assistant Professor of Economics, Deborah Spencer. Visit archive.

  • Art Speaks

    Art Speaks is a cognitive reaction that is specifically directed at the individual viewer that it often can say more than any written word. Art is language, communication, and sensory movement. Visit archive.

  • Do the Right Thing

    WEHC is proud to bring you Do The Right Thing, a show in connection with the Emory & Henry College Philosophy Department. Do The Right Thing, hosted by former Emory & Henry professor Dr. Ed Damer and Dr. Taylor Stone, is a program that will take on issues that could be current, controversial, ethical, political, and complex and provide discussion and rational thought to help guide us towards doing the right thing. Visit archive.

  • Hope and Healing

    Join Todd Stanley and Emily Lockhart of the Powell Resource Center for Hope and Healing. Hope and Healing is a special series dedicated to spreading awareness, reducing stigma, and promoting the idea that recovery is possible. Visit the archive here.

  • Keys to the Game

    Join host Gary Lester as he speaks with Head Football Coach Curt Newsome each week about E&H Football and where they are in the season. Visit Archive

  • Life On Purpose

    Join host Matthew Chapman as he guides you through Biblical text that you can relate to everyday life and activities. Visit archive.

  • On the Duck Pond Wall

    Join Director of Alumni Affairs, Monica Hoel, as she reconnects with the awesome alumni of Emory & Henry College. On the Duck Pond Wall is a collection of conversations with just a few of the best alumni that make Emory & Henry proud. Join Monica Mondays at 1:00 PM and Thursdays at 6:30 PM. Visit the archive here.

  • Poets and Writers

    Henry McCarthy believes that we write poems in our hearts and are often afraid to share. The purpose of the show is to promote community among poets and writers–particularly the “little people.” Visit archive.

  • Theatre Matters

    WEHC brings you your weekly half hour of news, information, stories, and fun from one of America’s oldest theatres, the Barter Theatre, in Abingdon, Virginia. Visit archive.

  • This Conversation

    Teresa Keller, retired general manager of WEHC and Carnegie Foundation/CASE Virginia Professor of the Year, introduces a program where it’s time to talk. On This Conversation, audiences will get to meet fascinating people with interesting stories to tell. Ranging from a local or someone across the globe, you’re guaranteed to be intrigued in whatever conversation is happening. Visit archive.

  • Together To Get There

    Together to Get There is the show dedicated to a dialogue about the economic challenges and opportunities facing Southwest Virginia. The show explores the many ways people are joining energies and resources to grow the economy and improve lives throughout the region. Visit archive.

  • Your Weekly Constitutional

    Your Weekly Constitutional is a show about the Constitution produced in partnership with the Home of the Constitution, James Madison’s Montpelier. Your host, Stewart Harris, talks about the hot-button issues you see in the media every day, from gay rights to gun rights. Stewart interviews interesting people in plain English, and he’s always up for a good story or a humorous ancedote. But the issues are serious, and Stewart discusses them with authority:  a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, he teaches Constitutional Law at the Appalachian School of Law, where he has won multiple awards for teaching and scholarship. He has also taught at the University of Tennessee College of Law’s summer session for a number of years. Please join him for a lively constitutional conversation. See archive.