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View a detailed list of our weekly program schedule. The regular schedule is subject to change, depending on the LIVE broadcast schedule of E&H Wasp Basketball.

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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
11 am Radio  IQ Radio IQ Radio IQ Radio IQ Radio IQ Radio IQ It’s Hymn Time! (live)
12 pm

Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Fresh Air

Fresh Air

On the Duck Pond Wall 
12:30 pm Poets and Writers 
1 pm Beale Street Caravan

With Good Reason

She Walks  Born in the Mountain (live)

Living Appalachia (live)

Wombats and Music 

Red, White and Confused 

1:30 pm Grab Bag

Two Worlds, One Country 

2 pm Countdown Americana 

Compact Discoveries 

What in the World 

Appalachian Vibes

Appalachian Artists LIVE! 

This Conversation 

2:30 pm

Together to Get There 

3 pm

Blues Hour (live)

Vocal Treasures 

Women on Air 

Classic Country Hour (live)

Sharing the Groove 

Vinyl Reflections 

Attacking Faulty Reasoning

3:30 pm

With Good Reason

4 pm All Things Considered All Things Considered All Things Considered All Things Considered All Things Considered Oldies Hour 

Celtic Calnjamphry 

5 pm Weekend All Things Considered

Weekend All Things Considered

6 pm Attacking Faulty Reasoning Poets and Writers This Conversation  Red, White, and Confused  Women on Air 

The Road Unknown  (live)

Martha Bassett Show


6:30 pm Face to Face  Duck Pond Wall  Together to Get There  Two Worlds, One Country 
7 pm Wombats and Music  Soundtracks  Vinyl Reflections (live) Oldies Hour (live) Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour  The Road Unknown (live)

Song of the Mountains

8 pm Infinite Highway  Appalachian Artists Live Retroclectic  Oldies Hour (live) Soundtracks  Beale Street Caravan

Classic Gold Bluegrass 

9 pm Cookies with Carson  (live)

Sharing the Groove  Sweethearts of Country

Thursday Night Jazz (live) Hobo Stew 

Infinite Highway 

The Tim White Show 


9:30 pm Steal Your Song 
10 pm Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour  Hobo Stew  (live) It’s Hymn Time What in the World  Countdown Americana  Blues

Music from Foggy Hollow 

11 pm Up Late With Cait The Jukebox In The Groove Da Kulture Giving Flowers Cookies with Carson