Writing Center


Need help with writing?

Support for writing is available to all Emory & Henry students who wish to grow as writers inside and outside the classroom. 

Click on “Meet the Tutors” for contact information and further details. Note that peer tutors, beginning Sept. 17, are available in Kelly Library Collaboration Area 4-5 Monday through Thursday and by appointment. Online tutoring is available for a range of hours across the week if you have time to plan ahead.

The Writing Center oversees a range of services, from individualized tutoring sessions to online tutoring, to serve Emory & Henry students. We are committed to helping students to grow as writers and editors. To achieve that goal, we are here to help you from process to product at various locations on campus, including Kelly Library, and online.  To learn about how to set up an appointment with a tutor, when and where to drop in without an appointment, and how much we can help, click on “Meet the Tutors.”  If you need somebody to help you get started with a plan for success as a writer before you meet with a tutor, contact Dr. Mitchell for an appointment.

In addition to offering tutoring services, we maintain a computer lab that students are welcome to use between classes and in the late afternoon or evening.  McGlothlin-Street Hall 233 is a quiet space with Windows computers, a printer and other supplies a writer may need.  Dr. Mitchell is nearby in McGlothlin-Street Hall 230; you are welcome to stop by to ask a question or to make an appointment.

Let us help you help yourself!