Purdue OWL (Online Writing Center of Purdue University: This online resource includes many rules, as well as up-to-date citation guidelines for MLA, APA, and Chicago style.

Write Check: This fee-for-service ($7.95 per paper) sponsored by guides student writers to develop an original paper with its helpful plagiarism checker (and provides some editing tips as well).  Students set up the service on their own initiative. 

A Writer’s Reference (Hacker and Sommers): Learn more about the college-required handbook.


Writing Center Referral: A referral form is not required; however, if you want to formalize a referral, you may download and use the attached form (or create your own). internal link

Writing Checklist: This checklist is keyed to A Writer’s Reference, the college handbook, and may be used when you are grading essays or making suggestions for revision. internal link

AACU Written Communication Value Rubric: The OIRIE uses this rubric for assessment; it can be helpful in working with students and in developing your own rubric. internal link

Plagiarism:  This organization (among many others) provides information and resources for helping students to avoid plagiarism. If you need assistance regarding plagiarism, either recognizing or teaching how to avoid, contact a reference librarian at Kelly Library and/or Dr. Felicia Mitchell. Note that all infractions regarding academic dishonesty at Emory & Henry College, from small to large, must be recorded in Maxient on recorded in Office of Academic Affairs. You may request the link for making a report from the Office of Academic Affairs. The Associate Provost Dr. Matt Frederick adjudicates all cases of academic dishonesty.

English 199 Referral Form:  Students who could benefit from further review of basic writing skills, from editing to research writing, may be referred to English 199, a one-hour course. If you need assistance making a referral, contact Dr. Felicia Mitchell. internal link